The Soulful Stewardship Method helps youth discover, define and express their individual sense-of-place stories. Being able to communicate what we care about and why is a core competency for making a difference in the world.

Erica’s Sense of Place Discovery Process provides tools and practices that are effective for any setting (urban to wild) and can be customized to help youth of any age discover their personal stories, which inspires caring, and ultimately stewardship.


Nurture the next generation:

✓ Integrate knowledge with personal experience.
✓ Bridge studies in the creative arts, history, natural history and social science.
✓ Understand how a sense of place inspires stewardship and sustainability.

✓ Discover a sense of place and belonging anywhere.

Learning Options

1. From Story to stewardship Boot-camp

Empower creative thinking and create collaborative stories that connect people and place. Click here to videos of youth-created collective songs and stories.

One to two days/Teen through adult

“I will use what I have gained to continue making connections in my community and initiating a positive change.”
— Participant, Youth Conservation Corps

2. Sense of Place and Stewardship Seminars

A 7-step experience for finding personal sense of place stories and support for developing your ideas.

Half to full day/ For High School and College Level

“She helped [students] bring together all their ways of knowing, so they could better understand their relationship to place.”
— Tim Farnham, Director of the Center for the Environment, Mount Holyoke College, MA

3. Class Visits: in-the-field or Classroom


Starts with a presentation of place-based arts (song, story, visual art) and a talk about the connections between people and place, and how those personal connections inspire stewardship. Includes learning about Erica's stewardship journey, as well as hands-on interactive experiences.

Includes presentation, songs and interactive experiences. Up to four class periods/Customized for all age groups

4. Residency

Builds on tools and skills to create a fully developed project, such a songs, essays, digital stories, visual stories, movement, performance, etc... Multi-da4

“Thank you again for coming to our class. You really inspired me to put my inner thoughts on paper and made me realize how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.”
— Student

Package Ideas

Make the most of Erica's visit to your school. Add a community engagement or a professional development program.

Help your Students and your staff:
Professional Development for Educators

Erica's Soulful Stewardship Method is customized to provide professional development training for educators. Learn more on her Training page.

Help your Students, your Staff and Your Community:
Community engagement programs

Bring Erica to you Offer a concert or workshop for your community of families, friends and neighbors. Can also include student performance segment. Learn more on her Community Events page.