An Unforgettable Journey

More than a PowerPoint or talk, Erica's keynotes are a multi-media celebration of place, and our connection to places. For your next special event, offer an unforgettable journey across the American landscape and the lives lived there through story, song, reflection, humor, and conversation. Customized to your site or region, Erica weaves together relevant links and key insights and the theme of your event.


Your Attendees Will...

✓ Experience an unforgettable journey across the American landscape through story and song
✓Uncover personal sense-of-place stories
✓ Gain ideas for connecting people and place today
✓ Explore why sense of place stories fosters stewardship, caring and appreciation




Choose from these Keynote Options:

1. The Power of Story & Place

Take a journey across the American landscape through story, song, reflection, humor and conversation. This program will evoke your own stories and memories and help you see the familiar through new eyes.  You'll leave uplifted, with a renewed sense of place that will keep you inspired, even in challenging times. You'll also take away ideas for connecting people and place no matter where you are. The result is an individual and collective sense of place and belonging that is deeply needed in the world today.

2. Why Sense of Place Inspires Stewardship

This multi-media presentation includes inspiring stories and songs, as well as case studies that explore diverse ways people connect to place. Erica shares her own stewardship journey, as well as case study stories from working with groups across the country. Your own sense of place will be stirred and you'll gain ideas to inspire others. Leave with a recharged passion for the work you do and take away fresh ideas you can use in your personal or professional work.

3. Event Interludes

Inspiring songs, stories and discussion. Erica will use her skill at weaving themes and ideas together to help transition from one activity to the next, and create needed time for reflection, integration and discovery.  

Breakout Sessions:
The Perfect Keynote Companion


Breakout sessions are an excellent way to bring home the lessons and inspirations shared in a Keynote. Sessions can be custom designed to reach your attendees and meet your event goals. Sessions can range from short introductory programs to half or full day experiences.

1. Stories and the Power of Place

You know why places matter. You can feel it in your bones, or have a storehouse of special memories and experiences. This session will give you the tools you need to discover and express your personal "touchstone" story. You'll be able to apply your skills to creating stories about an area or region. Connect with others through shared stories and experiences about the power of place.

2. Fostering Sense of Place Connections

How do we inspire meaningful connections between people and place? Hear examples from across the country from all kinds of settings and all ages. Take time to uncover and explore your own well of inspiring ideas to increase caring and connection to places. 

3. Sense of Place and Stewardship Training

Professional development training to increase skills creating sense of place stories, delivering great programs or writings, helping to connect diverse audiences to your place, and knowing how to inspire others to find their personal connections to your place. Learn tools, practice techniques and generate fresh ideas you can apply to your site right away.

4. Sense of Place In-the-Field Journey

No ordinary field trip, through this in-the-field journey, you'll learn how to be a “sense of place sleuth” and see the familiar through new eyes. Find your personal connections and gain skills to help others connect. Learn to read the layers of time and story that make up a place and how to combine your knowledge and experience to create a sense of place.

Highly Recommended

"You are missing out if you aren't trying to book Erica for your upcoming workshop or training event. Her work with the ‘sense of place’ concept through her Soulful Landscape workshop provides excellent hands-on exercises in an area that is so often perceived as intangible, while her keynote was just the dose of inspiration we needed.”
Kelly Farrell, Assistant Chief of Interpretation, Arkansas State Parks

"I attended a SVN (Social Venture Network) conference in a generic event space in Baltimore last year and was transported elsewhere to embrace the city through the story singing journey by Erica Wheeler as she connected us to its history and people in such an extraordinary way. She has such a gift for sharing the sense of people and place."
Leslie Carrere, EKOterra and Restore the Forest

"The Partners in the Parks program at Belmont on Saturday was an enriching experience for me and others I talked to at the event. Thank you so much for putting a great deal of thought and creativity into the event. Erica Wheeler and her music were the icing on the cake.  I bought all her CD's and found her lyrics and style so on-point for the event, thank you again." Betsy Singer, Legacy Leadership Environmental Institute

Prior Keynote Clients:

  • American Horticultural Society Youth and Garden Symposium
  • Big Sur Land Trust 30th Anniversary Celebration
  • BioBlitz, National Mall and Memorial Parks
  • National Park Service Founders Day, National Mall and Memorial Parks
  • Maryland Land Trust Alliance
  • National Association for Interpretation Annual Workshop
  • National Association of State Park Directors Conference
  • National Association of State Park Volunteer Coordinators
  • National Religious Partnership for the Environment
  • Partners in the Parks, Howard County Parks and Recreation,
  • Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism