Welcome to the resources page for the RTCA webinar.

Thanks everybody! Let me know if you have any questions erica@ericawheeler.com

Here's some resources, and actions you can take to stay in touch with what we discussed:

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2. Check out my calendar and see if the National Association of Interpretation webinar about Story and Sense of Place is of interest to you. It will include concrete tools and techniques.

3. Here's the Gary Snyder quote someone asked about:

“Of all the memberships we identify ourselves by the one thing that is most forgotten, and that has the greatest potential for healing, is place. We must learn to know, love, and join our place even more than we love our own ideas. People who can agree that they share a commitment to the landscape/cityscape – even if they are otherwise locked in struggle with each other – have at least one deep thing to share.”  Gary Snyder

4. Here are the Sense of Place Discovery Path documents and brochure

Professional (Interpreter's) Path

Personal Path

Download Erica's brochure

Three events through the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge in 2012 for communities in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

School Program, Two Rivers, IL