Your sense of place stories are as unique as you are. Finding them is key to thriving in the world today.

Feeling a sense of belonging and connection to a place may not be something you experience everyday. But it can be. No matter where you are.

Sense of Place Consulting offers unique trainings, keynotes and other programs for individuals, organizations and communities. Erica provides practical tools, a powerful discovery map and proven practices to inspire, engage and activate meaningful connections.

Her work has helped thousands of people across the country discover, deepen and share their sense of place. Learn how to restore a connection that is deeply needed in the world today and helps both people and places thrive.

Find your stories.
See the familiar through new eyes.
Generate ideas that make a difference.


Erica Wheeler is the owner of Sense of Place Consulting. She is a visitor experience specialist, speaker, educator and award-winning songwriter.

Learn more about her philosophy and approach for connecting people and place.

Get in touch today to explore working with Erica to train your staff, speak to your organization, or inspire your community.

Work with Sense of Place Consulting

Empower YOur

Bring out the best in your team. Offer your staff a fresh, effective approach for program design and delivery. Help hone audience engagement techniques and gain proven tools to provide the best visitor experiences possible. Learn more

Inspire YOur Attendees

Enchant your audience with an uplifting journey through story, song, reflection humor and conversation. Engage in the real power of the work you do, rethink familiar places and redefine what matters most for today and the future. Learn more

Deepen Appreciation

Experience a compelling journey to reawaken the power of place in your life through one of Erica’s customized performances or workshops. Learn more about her community events, academic settings and youth leadership programs.

Share What You Love

Rediscover what is unique about your town or region. Find the stories that link together everything you have to offer. Redefine what makes an investment in visiting your place so special. Learn more