a fresh approach for connecting People and Place

Designed for interpreters, educators, museums, conservation organizations and others whose work involves connecting people and place.

This training is a proven, unique approach that offers fresh tools and techniques to improve skills in interpretation, creative thinking, storytelling, program design, audience engagement and team-building.

Empower your team to give effective, well-rounded programs. Customized to meet your staff development needs, including training new, seasonal, returning and career staff, as well as volunteers, managers and partners. Customized for all site types; from wild to urban and from military to historic.

For Federal Agencies: Erica is a registered independent contractor in the SAM system.

Request Sample Agenda for 1, 2 or 3 day formats.


Gain Proven Tools and Techniques

for stronger Audience engagement

✓ Empower creative thinking
✓ Design and deliver well-balanced programs
✓ Cultivate teamwork and collaboration
✓ Energize staff and mitigate burnout

Training Options



1. The Core Curriculum Intensive [1-Day Format]

The one-day format structure follows seven segments that lead participants on a comprehensive learning journey that empowers creativity and offers a fresh or renewed understanding of the art and science of interpretation. Participants gain skills in program delivery and team building, and outline a well balanced program to engage diverse visitors.

This signature training is customized for your site and works for all levels of experience, from new hires to seasoned staff. Sample Agenda [One-Day Format]

“Re-energizing for even the most seasoned staff”
— Participant, Ft. Stanwix National Historic Site
“I see how I can apply this to tours that seem stale.”
Montana State Historical Society
— Montana State Historical Society

[Skills Bootcamp]

2. The Interpretive Skills Boot-camp [2-Day Format]

This two day format builds on the one day training and allows time for participants to practice and integrate the ideas and skills gained in day one.

The second day allows time develop ideas, build on personal strengths and work collaboratively with others. Participants gain experience offering a complete well-balanced program as a collaborative team. This format allows time for valuable peer and instructor feedback.

“I’m inspired to use the toolbox we’ve been given in my interpretive programs. I’m excited to use these new techniques.”
— Participant, Acadia National Park


Master Class

3. Master The Art of Interpretation [3-day Format]

This three day format empowers staff to design, develop and deliver fresh programs.

The third day allows time for participants to develop and practice their ideas, and get additional support for program development and delivery. Participants offer their programs as practice, increasing their confidence in delivery style and honing their techniques for increased audience engagement.

“This training served as a solid foundation for our seasonal training and complimented prior training around audience-centered engagement techniques, peer coaching, and resource content.”
— Chief of Interpretation, Marsh-Billings-Rockerfeller NHP & Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

Hone your Craft
Master Class

4. Follow Up Master Class [follow up/Return Visit]

This follow-up master class builds on the previous training time to reinforce ideas, practice techniques and further support staff with collaborative program development and individual coaching/support. This can be further customized to support your current staffing needs and priorities.

“I’ve attended numerous session throughout my career, and I honestly feel that this was the best, most energetic, true feeling workshop about what we do and love.”
— Participant, Howard County Parks and Recreation, Columbia, MD

4.Introductory Seminar
[75 min. to half day]

Especially for volunteers, this hands-on, interactive session provides an interpretive overview and offers techniques to hone program delivery. Excellent for team-building to get the season started. (Limited availability) 

5.Sense of Place Tourism

Designed to foster collaborative exchange between stakeholders, community members, organizational staff and others through cultivating and sharing sense of place stories.

This work helps generate fresh ideas, boost creativity, team-build and discover strategies that enrich a sense of place and belonging. Add a keynote!