“If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are.”
Wendell Berry

Find your sense of place, anywhere.

In the rush of our modern busy lives, feeling a personal sense of connection to places is an essential quality to life that can often be overlooked. Finding ways to uncover this connection can help you in your personal or professional work.


What is a Sense of Place?

Your sense of place is as unique as your are. There are many ways to define a “sense of place” but Erica’s approach is that it exists in that "sweet spot" where what you know about a place and what you feel about a place intersect.

Your factual knowledge (research, data, and information) combined with with your personal experiences; (feelings, story and memory) create your sense of place.

Unique and personal, your sense of place will evolve and grows as your knowledge and experiences increase.

Personal Knowledge + Personal Experience = Your Sense of Place

What is the Soulful Stewardship Method?

The Soulful Stewardship Method is grounded the philosophy that personal sense of place stories create connections to places. These stories increase caring and can inspire stewardship.

Key to activating these personal stories of connection is discovering your sense of place.

Sense of Place Discovery Retreat, Murie Center, Moose, WY

Sense of Place Discovery Retreat, Murie Center, Moose, WY

Why it Matters

For our ancestors knowing a place intimately was key to both their survival and identity.

Today you might be unaware of where your “people” are actually from or you may live far from where you grew up. You may not know much about the places where you live, work or play. You might be unclear how the histories of others from the past or present relates to us personally. You may think you cannot feel a sense of belonging towards a place they are not from. Or simply too caught up in the day to day to notice hidden stories about where you are.

Lacking a sense of place can lead to a feeling that might be hard to name or put your finger on. It can just be a yearning. Many identify this experience as wanting to feel more rooted, more connected, more at home.

The good news is that a connection to a place can be discovered, evoked and restored, no matter where you are.

Erica’s Sense of Place Discovery Process will give you powerful tools and practices to gain a sense of place and belonging that is deeply needed in the world today.

Youth Leadership Training for New Bedford National Historic Park, New Bedford, MA

Youth Leadership Training for New Bedford National Historic Park, New Bedford, MA

How it Works

The Sense of Place Discovery Process is a 7-step journey that will reveal how you are personally connected to places and how to inspire others to connect and care.

The process gives you a map to uncover and share sense of place connections. You’ll gain powerful tools and techniques that have been honed and refined through more than a decade of working in the field with groups across the country.

You’ll uncover unique stories, find personal meaning and gain ideas for taking action in your life and the world. These tools and techniques can be used in your personal or professional work.

To learn more, request your Sense of Place Discovery Map!

Who is this for?

For individuals

  • Boost creativity

  • Generate fresh ideas for use in personal or professional work

  • Reflect and make more sense of your life and the world

  • Increase sense of belonging, community and connection (no matter where you are)

  • Discover how to use your authentic passions to make a difference

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For Visitor Services, interpreters and Guides

  • Generate fresh ideas

  • Gain skills and practice techniques to improve program content and delivery

  • Learn how to engage diverse visitors

  • Give the best tours and visitor experiences possible

  • Team-build, collaborate and increase capacity to mitigate burnout

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FOr Tourism and Community Engagement Events

  • Inspire sense of place stories

  • Increase caring and support for the
    work you do

  • Connect diverse audiences to diverse places

  • Boost partnerships, collaboration and alliances through shared stories of place

  • Recharge your passion for your work

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For Youth Leadership and Academic Programs

  • Empower self-expression

  • Integrate academic knowledge with personal experience.

  • Discover a sense of place and belonging anywhere.

  • Explore how a sense of place inspires stewardship and sustainability.

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