Praise for Good Summer Rain

“Her songs measure the cost of urban sprawl not in terms of species endangered, but in memories lost. Her lyrics evoke all the trails we’ve hiked, the streams swum, the trees climbed, and all the moments of growth enjoyed there—the silent epiphanies, the stolen kisses—without ever sounding preachy. But when she drops the truism “Your children won’t know (the land) the way I did,” suddenly your local zoning battle may seem a little more interesting.”
Yankee Magazine

“If this CD doesn’t compel you to get outside and enjoy what little green space we have left, put it on for a mental break while you’re stuck in the concrete grid of rush hour.”
Performing Songwriter

“Listening to Good Summer Rain is like flipping through the photo album of an Ansel Adams road trip. Each artfully created song transports the listener to a particular location, like a snapshot in time.”
Planet Jackson Hole News

Praise for The Harvest

“Wheeler is adept at melding people, place and events in simple ways that illuminate all three.”
The Washington Post

”Wheeler is the perfect Americana fit.”
Gavin’s Billboard Americana Chart

“The Harvest is a splendid demonstration of Erica “Wheeler’s talents as a writer and performer.”
Dirty Linen

Praise for Three Wishes

“(Her) voice and lyrics are beautifully expressive. A major talent”
Boston Herald 
”There are many original songs here that seem to capture a moment or a story so well that you can’t imagine them being done better... I can’t stop listening to it. Three Wishes is one of my picks among the best of this year’s independent recordings.”
Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, Roberta B. Schwartz

”...possibly Wheeler’s best work to date. Another outstanding release from one of our best new singer-songwriters”
Dirty Linen

Praise for Almost Like Tonight (live)

“This mostly acoustic album finds Wheeler doing what she does best, which is enchanting crowds with her songs and personality. Most of the songs are from her previous albums with a few covers mixed in. You also get one previously unreleased song to make it even more enticing. She came up on the open mike and coffee house circuit and has never strayed from her roots and vision. This is one of those discs where if you close your eyes you’d swear you were there.”

Praise for From that Far

“Erica Wheeler won’t let you do anything else while listening to From That Far. She just keeps coming up with surprise after surprise until she’s got you nodding earnestly saying ‘oh, I like this, more please.”
Hear Music

”Excellent writing, excellent production-overall a refreshingly different release.”
Dick Pleasants, WGBH