Sense of Place Consulting helps organizations, groups and individuals cultivate meaningful connections between people and place by offering professional development  training, inspiring presentations and public events that inspire caring and stewardship.

The Soulful Stewardship Method is grounded in the philosophy that personal sense of place stories cultivates caring, which can lead to stewardship. Discovering a  sense-of-place is key in activating these personal stories, meanings and connections.

Learn more about Erica's Sense of Place Discovery Process and how to cultivate  stories, meanings and connections. Experience a 7-step journey that can be used for your personal or professional development work.


Discover sense of place stories.
Gain fresh, creative tools and techniques.
Uncover authentic ways you can make a difference.




Erica Wheeler is a sense of place consultant, visitor experience specialist and performing artist who has helped thousands of individuals find and share their sense-of-place stories through her Soulful Stewardship Method programs.

Originally attending college to become a wildlife biologist, she went on to become an award-winning singer/songwriter with songs that were rooted in a sense of place. Today, she combines her background in natural and cultural history and her experience in the performing arts to offer inspiring and educational programs that deeply connect people and place.

Erica specializes in working with parks, museums and learning centers, helping their staff give the best tours possible. Over the past decade she has worked extensively with the staff natural and cultural heritage sites, including dozens of National Parks across the country.

Her Soulful Stewardship approach can be applied to working with all ages and group sizes to inspire the kinds of personal sense of place stories that lead to caring and ultimately stewardship. Her approach can be applied to all kinds of sites, from urban to historic, and from military to wilderness. Her proven practices, honed over the past decade, helps people discover personal sense of place connections, no matter where they are. 

With 6 CD's to her credit, Erica's most recent CD "Good Summer Rain" was sponsored in part by the Trust for Public Land. The CD was the winner of the 2008 National Association for Interpretation Media Awards for "Best Interpretive Music." She has six recordings to her credit.

She grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC and is a graduate of Hampshire College (Amherst, MA.) She is based in the hills of western Massachusetts where she and her spouse live beside a rushing brook in a 100 year old cottage, surrounded by dairy and sugar maple farms.