Our Mission

The Soulful Stewardship Method is grounded in the philosophy that personal sense-of-place stories inspire caring, and ultimately stewardship actions and behavior. We provide proven tools, techniques and programs to help people discover, develop and share their sense-of-place stories.

This work results in a deeper connection between people and place. Our services and products enrich lives, engages communities, and help the staff of natural, cultural and heritage sites increase the quality of their visitor experiences.

Stories help people and places thrive.

Sense of Place Stories

  • Inspire a deep level of connection and caring.
  • Open a door of creativity that you may not have realized you had inside you.
  • Foster bonds between people and place that leads to stewardship actions and behavior.
  • Are essential to our well being.

Especially in our fast paced, mobile lives, having a sense of place can root you to what really matters, giving you a sense of belonging that is deeply needed in our world today.

What are your stories of place and belonging? Find yours.

If you want to boost your own creative spirit,
If you want others to appreciate the value of nature, history and place
If you want to train your staff to offer high quality, interactive visitor experiences
If you want to reignite ones passion for the work they do

Erica’s Soulful Stewardship Method offers an approach that works for diverse levels of experience, all settings and all kinds of places. Her proven techniques and practices will inspire your creative voice & give you fresh ideas to connect people and place, that you can use in your personal or professional work. 


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