Sense of Place Tourism

Sense of Place Tourism is key to helping people and places thrive. When large and small destinations are linked together through story, they create a sense of place experience that makes coming to visit a place a journey worth taking.

Erica’s approach helps organizations and communities gain proven tools and powerful inspiration to remember, discover, define and share what is special about a place or region, and how to thread those stories together in meaningful ways.

2017 Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism

2017 Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism


Sense of Place Tourism and Marketing: Visitors today are looking for unique, authentic and meaningful experiences. Learn why sense of place stories are key to tourism today.

Erica will guide you on an unforgettable journey across the American landscape through story, song, humor and conversation to awaken your own sense of place stories and connections.

You'll see the familiar through fresh eyes and gain powerful insight for creating stories that highlight the deep value a visit to your place has to offer.


Breakout Session

Howard County (MD) Parks and Recreation

Howard County (MD) Parks and Recreation

Sense of Place Stories and 21st Century Visitor Engagement: How can we help more people connect to places today? How can we connect diverse visitors to the layers of time and story a place holds?

Experience a simple yet powerful framework for uncovering sense of place connections and stories. Hear how other places have successfully included more integrative aspects into their visitor experiences. Engage in conversations with peers to craft fresh ideas you can bring back to your community.



Erica is a visitor experience specialist, speaker, educator and award-winning songwriter. She is the founder of Sense of Place Consulting and has helped thousands of people discover and enrich their sense of place connections through her Soulful Stewardship Method. Her work is grounded in the philosophy that discovering personal stories, leads to caring, which leads to stewardship.

Over the past five years Erica has worked extensively with the National Park Service, offering her interpretive skills trainings for their staff, from Yosemite National Park to Independence Hall. She has also worked with other cultural and natural heritage sites across the country, including state parks and museums.

Erica has keynoted at events such as the Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism, the National Association of State Park Directors and the Association of National Park Rangers. She also has six CD’s to her credit and her music has charted in the top-ten on Billboard’s Gavin Americana chart. Her most recent CD “Good Summer Rain” was sponsored in part by the Trust for Public Land.


Prior Keynotes Include:

American Horticultural Society Youth and Garden Symposium
Arkansas Governors Conference on Tourism
Arkansas State Parks Winter Training
Association of National Park Rangers 
Idaho State Parks and Recreation Conference
Maryland Land Trust Alliance  
Montana State Parks and Recreation Conference
National Association for Interpretation
National Association of State Park Directors  
National Park Service Founders Day
TEDx Shelburne Falls
National Religious Partnership for the Environment
Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism
Wilderness 50th Celebration