Learn tools and techniques that parks, museums, historic sites and others are using to forge powerful connections between people and place.

Discover inspiring approaches to find your sense of place stories, uncover your creative strengths, and help others find theirs.

Erica's Soulful Stewardship Method is grounded in the philosophy that personal sense-of-place stories, create connections, which lead to caring, and ultimately stewardship behavior and actions.

Her work offers proven practices and powerful experiences to deeply connect people and place, helping them gain sense of place and belonging that is deeply needed in the world today.

“Erica has an amazing knack for bringing out the creativity in people.”
— Montana Historical Society, Helena, MT

What if connecting to nature, history and place was essential to your well-being?  What if it was key to thriving in the world today?

Having a sense-of -place can't solve all the complex problems we face in today's mobile, fast-paced world. But communicating well what we care about and why can make a huge difference. In fact, meaningful stories, soulful shared, might just be what helps us most along the way.

Find your Sense-of-Place story.

The good news is everyone has these stories, waiting to be evoked, remembered and revealed. Find yours.

Work with Erica

Erica Wheeler is a sense of place consultant and visitor experience specialist. Her services include professional development training, keynotes and public programs.

Through her  Soulful Stewardship Method she has helped thousands of individuals find their sense-of-place stories, and trained staff at hundreds of natural, cultural and historic sites, including dozens of National Parks.

Her approach offers a powerful framework that can be used in both one's personal and professional work. 


Clients Include

“We brought Erica in to help us master the art of storytelling and to learn how to share the meaning of these places even more effectively. When we worked with Erica before, it was one of the most meaningful experiences of my career. I was thrilled by seeing the growth in rangers and the inspiration they gleaned.”

— Chief of Interpretation, National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C.